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Total Raised: $300.00

The time is fast approaching when this year's event will begin. Saturday, July 25, 2009 it begins. As the day nears, let me share a few of the things you'll see you join us at http://esoteric-renaissance.com/thon on Saturday.

This year Esoteric Renaissance will be hosting a Virtual Slumber Party. Imagine what would happen if the Gilmore Girls blogged for 24 hours about all the random thoughts about boys and clothes and movies and music and whatnot cramming their heads and you'll have a pretty good idea what you're in for here. Mum and I have always said they modeled those girls after us and now we get to prove it. *smirk*

But that's not all~!

As always, we will be here to help point the way to other like-minded participants in the Blogathon, others who have showed their support by blogging for similar causes or by sponsoring us. We will show who we felt deserved our sponsorships this year and who is joining Blogathon for the first time ever or who's just plain doing something cool with their 24 hours.

And, as is tradition, there will be trivia! Once every hour on the hour we will present you with a question to tease and titillate your cognitive powers. Then on the half hour, we'll give you the answer. Due to time constraints, we will not be able to offer the more creative prizes of years past. What we will give you, however, are $5 sponsorships and a "ticket" in a drawing for the grand sponsorship prize.

What is this grand sponsorship prize, you ask? Quite simply, a gift basket/care package of grand delights filled with all kinds of goodies that one might bring home after a slumber party with the girls. Even if you're not a girl, you know a girl who wants this. You know you do.

How do you get a ticket for this grand prize? How do you get MULTIPLE tickets for this grand prize?

  • Each correct trivia response earns 1 ticket. Answer 5 questions correctly, get 5 tickets.

  • Every $5 sponsorship gets 1 ticket.

  • Every $25 in sponsorships gets an extra ticket.

  • Every $100 in sponsorships gets 5 extra tickets.
It's that simple.

We've set a goal of $500, but as of now have only made $169. A sign of the times this year, I suppose. Still, if you can find it in your hearts to sponsor us for even $1, it would be appreciated more than I can say.

Once again I will be blogging on behalf of the Association for International Cancer Research, but this year, due to life happening, Mum will be joining me. For those of you who know me well and were around a couple years ago, you know the reason I began blogging for AICR in 2006 is because I made a promise to myself to turn my Blogathon efforts to research devoted to curing cancer after a brief period when we believed Mum might have breast cancer. So, it really means something to me, after all that, to be able to share the experience with her this year.

For more information on Blogathon please visit the Official Blogathon site at http://blogathon.org or my own write-up at http://esoteric-renaissance.com/thon/post/what_is_the_blogathon/

I've also written a longer post on why I blog for AICR here: http://esoteric-renaissance.com/thon/post/why_we_blog_for_aicr/

You can sponsor us by going to http://www.blogathon.org/pledge.php?blogid=56 and registering. Or contact me directly either here or through email to esotericrenaissance@yahoo.com and I will submit a proxy sponsorship on your behalf.


Trivia Round-up and Closing Notes

Good Morning~! Everyone all rested and rejuvenated?

Our grand total for pledges on the blog comes to $300. Thank you all so much. I'll send the email out this evening to all our sponsors giving them the information on submitting their donations.

So, I guess some of you want to know about trivia, hm? Well, I just happen to have the totals right here. *smirk*

Highest Fantasy score goes to sylverice2! She wins one original fantasy-themed painting/collage by me.

We had a tie for Highest Science Fiction score between sohorhapsody & sylverice2! You will both get the prize of a science fiction-themed painting/collage by me.

Our highest overall score for the trivia goes to *drumroll* sylverice2! The prize for this is a larger painting/collage incorporating the Fantasy/Sci-Fi theme.

Congratulations! Your painting/collages will be completed within the next month or two and mailed out. Please send me an email at er_imaginethis@livejournal.com with the address you would like those sent to.

Some of the individual questions also contained prizes. The winners of these were as follows:

dizilla - two $5 sponsorships to the charity of your choice, or to AICR in your name
thesilentpoet - and original 3D character design of the Doormouse from Alice in Wonderland
surreal_prose - challenge me to photograph anything during the actual event (posted here)
dizilla - an original photomanipulation artwork on the theme of 'magical steampunk'
thesilentpoet - $10 sponsorship to your charity for DoB, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. (already paid)

I had some awesome monitorees this year. If you haven't had a chance to yet, please take a moment to visit them and congratulate them on a job well done.

Thanks also go to our lovely monitor, Moira (moirablue) who was there to cheer us on right up to the end and to Jen, the brains behind this whole Day of Blogs operation. As well as to Jeff, Liz, logicalargument, and aurora_lamour for coming to party with us at Club AICR!

And big thanks to Jack at AICR for working with us on this, as well as DJing the event, as well as to all those from the AICR group who came by to add their support!

Another round of thanks to dizilla for commenting on nearly every post and keeping me company in AIM for the better part of the night. *hugz tightly*

And, of course, massive thanks to everyone who sponsored us this year and made the effort more than worthwhile.

See you all next year~!


DoB #49: That All Folks!

Whoops! Got lost in Tin Man Fic for a sec trying to stay awake. Some lovely smut before bed LOL

Well, that's all they wrote, folks. It's been a blast. Thank you to everyone who commented and came to play trivia with us, everyone who came to party at Club AICR, and everyone who helped us reach out initial goal of $300 raised on behalf of the Association for International Cancer Research.

Trivia players, there are still some questions (a couple with prizes attached, I think) that haven't been won yet. You can find them here as of an hour ago:


We'll leave them open for new responses until 6pm Pacific Time tonight (July 27), at which time I will do the final tallies and announce the winners. The winner of the last trivia question was blowdry!

Sponsorships will also be left open until tomorrow night at the same time. So please, if you've been at all tempted, send an email to er_imaginethis@livejournal.com with a sponsorship. Remember, if by 6pm tomorrow night we hit $400, I'll enter a matching $100 to make it an even $500. Who wouldn't want to see that?

To everyone for whom I've pledged a sponsorship, you will see the donation made at the end of the week after I get paid. :-)

Thanks again everyone~!

Sleep tight!

DoB #48: AV Signing off...

Well, I'm out of here! And just in time too.... I think I'm about to collapse. Turning this thing back over to JL, for the final farewells!

Thank you to everyone who's supported us, this year. I'll see you next year!!

We have time for one last trivia question...


Who actually shot first? Han or Greedo?

PRevious Winner sylverice2 The answer is four. Han and Leia had three kids (Jaina, Jacen and Anakin) and Luke and Mara had a son (Ben).

DoB #47: Star Wars Fan Art

And, once again, we come to the fan art section, so please enjoy!



Surrounded by the Darkness


Do or Do Not


OC Jedi Character Tanake Trang

Vader Visits Jabba

Star Wars Characters

GLowin' in the Force

Disney Princess Leia

Disney Princess Padme



How many children have Luke and Leia had, between them?

Previous WInner: blowdry Chewie was about 200, in the first Star Wars movie.